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Gas effusion rate

An unknown has a rate of effusion that is 4 times slower than the rate of H2 . What is the identity of this gas?

Selecto one: O_2, N_2, Cl_2, He]


\frac{Effusion  rate  of  unknown}{Effusion  rate  of  H_2} = \frac{1}{4}

Effusion rate of H2 = 4 rate of unkown

\frac{Effusion  rate  of  unknown}{Effusion rate of H_2} = \sqrt{\frac{M.wt H_2}{M.wt  unknown}}

\frac{Effusion  rate  of  unknown}{4 rate  of  unkown} = \sqrt{\frac{2}{M.wt   unknown}}

\frac{1}{4} = \sqrt{\frac{2}{M.wt  unknown}}

takign the square of both sides:

\frac{1}{16} = \sqrt{\frac{2}{M.wt  unknown}}

M.wt = 32

Then it is O2

The question on chegg

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