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  • ِFormation of New C-C for Aldhydes and ketones

    ِFormation of New C-C for Aldhydes and ketones

    To understand this simple reaction try to convert Acetone into t-butyl alcohol. Organometalic nucleophile usage Examples of organometallic reagent: R-Li , Grignard reagent. As you see you can add what ever group you need R to the carbonyl by adding it to lithium which make it suitable nucleophile (HOMO) to attack carbonyl group (LUMO). Mechanism:…

  • Reduction of Aldehyde and Ketones

    Reduction of Aldehyde and Ketones

    The source of hydrides we use is sodium borohydire (NaBH4 ) and Lithium aluminium hydride (LiAlH4) Carbonyl group is Electrophile which can accepts electrons to read more about how carbonyl is electerophile click here. Adlehyde and Ketones react with hydride forming alcohols. The mechanism: Take care the curved arrw not from negative bromide but from…

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